Hello everyone! 

NO SCHOOL MONDAY! Enjoy the long weekend! I know I will! 😃

Science 9/10:

Homework is: Read pages 190-191 and define the following three terms:
-Cellular respiration

You may also want to study for Test 5, which will be on Tuesday. It will be open book but it will help you a lot if you study some and are at least familiar with the terms.

**Also: for those that need to catch up on defining terms for homework: The following are due Tuesday:

Terms from Thursday were:
Unsaturated fats

The previous terms from last week were:
Storage cells
Fuel cells
Voltaic cells
Dry cells

Pre-Algebra:Homework for this long weekend is pg. 154 Sharpening Skills, questions 1-9. They are review questions of things we have done. If you need to look through the book to find the lesson or an example of how to work them out, please do so. It will help you!
You guys are doing great! I'm quite proud!

WV History:
No homework, per usual. Although, I do suggest…


Hey all!

So I realized last Friday after I left school that I had not posted on the blog for the week. My apologies!!! At the end of the day on Friday, my computer's hard drive died. I had most of the blog typed and saved but it died before I published it. A friend was able to fix it and I was able to use a backup to restore most of my data so praise the Lord!

Anyways, here's the rundown for this upcoming week. 

Science 9/10:
HOMEWORK: Read pages. 168-171 starting at Voltaic Cells on pg. 168. 
Also define the following terms:
Voltaic Cells
Dry Cells
Storage Cells
Fuel Cell
We will work through chapter 8 as much as we can this next week. Prepare to work diligently! We'll have about 3 quizzes and hopefully wrap up chapter 8.

No homework.
We'll continue learning how to turn word problems into algebraic equations to solve them.

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We're on chapter 10 and we'll keep going through it. Also, we should have our login info this next week so we can access the…


Hello everyone!

I do not have much to say beyond: MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

I hope you all have an amazing time relaxing and having fun with friends and family.

There are a few of you who have some assignments due THE DAY we get back. Failure to do so will result in a zero. As of right now, there may be a point deduction because I had said that everything needed to be turned in before break.

I love you all and will see you in the New Year!

-Miss Thies
Miss T
"Mommy Thighs"

Almost Christmas

Hey everyone!

Isn't it such a great time of year?! I love the coziness, the cheer, the lights, the reason: Jesus.

We have 2 days left before we're on break for 15 days! Longest break ever! I hope you all enjoy some great family and friend time!

Science 9/10:
For those who have yet to turn in your take home quizzes of 14 & 15, please be sure to bring those in on Monday, Tuesday the latest. If you do not return it before break, you will get a point deduction. They were supposed to be in on Thursday but I've extended it, so do not abuse that extension.
Also, if you took home Test 4 to finish any questions, that also needs to be turned in by Monday. 

You all have been doing pretty great! I'm proud of you! When we come back from break, we'll do some review and then take a test over the section we've been working on.

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The Golden Horseshoe test that EVERYONE has to take will be in February. When we get back from break, we will be continuing on in …

Thanksgiving is so close

Hey there!

Veteran's Day. As one who has brothers, cousins, a parent, and a grandparent who have served in the military at one point in their life, it is an awesome day to take and be reverent and grateful for those who have dedicated years of service and for some, their very lives, for our freedom. 
So while you enjoy your Monday off, remember those and their families who have sacrificed for us all.

Science 9/10:

This week has been a rough one when it comes to being productive in this class. Homework this week, please read through section 7.2 so we can somewhat keep on track and move on before Thanksgiving break.


I might have assigned homework if we had class today but lucky you! Exponents have been fun and I feel confident in what you all have been doing in class. Keep it up! See you next week and have a great long weekend!

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As some of you highlighted, we didn't get to do our county quiz today. We will do that if we have class on Tuesday, so please be pre…

It's November!

Hey everyone,

Who can believe it is November?! I feel like school just started and I'm still working on getting into the swing of things.

We started Christmas play practice today! Woohoo!

Science 9/10:
For those of you who were not here today... we took Quiz 13. You will need to make it up so please use Quizlet to help study for that one. You can find it under Mrs. Lefler's Quizlet account or mine. (Sasha_lefler or s_thies)

Also, homework for the weekend is reading parts of section 7.2 of our text and then writing the definitions of the following terms. You can write these terms and definition or you can type them. Please have your name, the date, and the class listed at top right hand of your page.

Double bond
Lewis Structure
Polar molecule
Covalent networks
Formula network

You guys seem to be doing pretty good with exponents. No homework this weekend. We'll get into more of them this coming week along with a quiz and some speed tests. (Because I know how much you all …

Science 9/10

Hey Science 9/10 students,

I've added the study guide on Quizlet for Quiz 12. You'll find it under the Science 9/10 folder on my account : s_thies

Have a great weekend!
See you Monday!

-Miss Thies
Miss T
"Mommy Thighs"